Friday, June 12, 2009

Maya on the state of the modern musical

My daughter Maya, 8, has become focused on "Little Shop of Horrors," drawing pictures of Audrey the plant monster and mooning over Rick Moranis. Last night coming back from the pool, she was breaking down why "Little Shop" rules and "High School Musical" drools:

"Like, the songs and the story in 'Little Shop of Horrors' are about something and tell the story, and in 'High School Musical' they are just getting ready for the dance. Who cares about a stinkin' dance?? I like violence and blood better than a boring old dance.

"In 'High School Musical,' they just do the same thing over and over and they don't have any humility."

I was visibly blown away by that last astute assessment, and she noticed and said "I'm not sure what humilty means, though."

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  1. Awesome! Good reasons. I often use words that I have implied knowledge of, but am not really sure of and then fess up about it and I am 44. :-)