Thursday, June 11, 2009

benefitting from technical funkiness

Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Funky Technician (listen) This 1990 rap record still sounds urgent, all stripped down and panting.

Various Artists - Flying Funk (listen) Rhapsody has this Bluebird label sampler listed as a Schooly D album, a serendipitous error that sends me on a another funk exploration tangent. For instance, try this on

or "Expansions" by Lonnnie Liston Smith and the Cosmic Echoes

Lonnie Liston Smith & the Cosmic Echoes - Cosmic Funk
(listen) I was at the pool yesterday and one of those spacey Steve Miller Band songs came on, like they do at I think every time I have been in a pool ever, and just now while I was trying to piece together a Miles Davis/Sun Ra thing to say about Lonnie Smith here, I keep thinking Steve Miller Band. You could do worse.

Nina Simone - It is Finished (listen) A tangent within a tangent, this laser-sighted stone jam from Ms. Simone was on the aforementioned Flying Funk compilation.

Roberta Flack - First Take - Roberta had some swagger when she needed it. I love the space in the soul records of that era that let notes or a single drum hit hang in the air.

Macy Gray - On How Life Is
(listen) I'm pretty sure we listened to this CD at least once a day from 1999-2000 until it was stolen from our car. Try not to sing along and do a bunch of finger pointing motions while this plays.

Erykah Badu - Mama's Gun (listen)

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