Monday, June 1, 2009

krútt, and post-krútt, or prútt

amiina - Kurr - This was an example of the Krútt music alluded to in Nico Muhly's latest blog entry that has apprrently had a huge impact on me. Krútt is losely defined as Icelandic indie pop, cuddly like a worn afghan, ethereal and infused with childlike wonder, with a bit of restrained sophisitcation about how it is rendered. In this example, it only helps to further the image of Iceland as a place where elves quietly cavort in spacious condos sparsely appointed with modern furntiture and hand-knitted things and vintage synthesizers, which is an image worth savoring.

Hjaltalín - Sleepdrunk Seasons (listen) Where there is krútt, there is post-krútt, or prútt, which if this indeed an example, is killer stuff. Dense and inquisitive, with that fiery Chicago Thrill Jockey drumming up in it and what sounhds like a formidable woodwind and brass section. You would not exactly fear this stuff coming toward you from down the darkened alley, but you would get out of its way if just to witness its complex bulk as it passes by.

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