Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the horrors of modernity attempt to crash his halcyon demeanor

Blur - 13 (listen) - Having been recently clued in to the treasures of the Graham Coxon solo catalog, I woke up with what is in my mind the quintessential Blur song in my head. I only know the "coffee and TV" part of the chorus, so really I woke up with just that part in my head.

After watching the video , it became apparent that cheery marching milk carton would be the world's best animated icon. This one from the fine people at is close to what I'm thinking, if a bit frenetic:

That little guy is making me dizzy. I want the congenial strolling Milky, prior to when the horrors of modernity attempt to crash his halcyon demeanor.

Sonic Youth - The Eternal (listen) Good ol' Sonic Youth. They just keep at it. The world stole their busted and treated guitars that gave them their edge and so what did Sonic Youth do? They became a relatively straight rock band. Should those guitars get stolen, they'll go acoustic, and if those are stolen, a capella. Imagine a Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore led a capella group. You happy now, world?

But reinvent we must. Even if Wired is a little too joyously doom-eyed about the state of the modern novel/novelist, we will still be writing books and true to pattern, continue to make less and less money for doing so. We are unable to do anything but progress until we are replaced, and revolutionary as people want to be about things, we are slow to change. Sonic Youth is a prime example of this, jogging along like ol' Milky, smiling up at us from the trash can even in the end.

Vincent Gallo - When - I was listening to this in segments yesterday. I don't know why I ever landed on a Vincent Gallo album years ago in the first place, it sounds like a terrible idea but really it is one of my all-time favorite little cult records. Vincent Gallo is nothing if not a case study in successful unlikely persistence. Maybe some pitching is in order...

Vincent Gallo - I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton
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Vincent Gallo - Laura
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