Monday, April 21, 2008

You too can control CNN, motherf*cker

I'm sure you've seen this already but...

Get your very own "I Control CNN, Motherfucker" t-shirt from at the link below,%20Motherfucker&date=1208822133000&hash=4e524689af191b07877e03d43788575f&return_uri=

or if you don't have the stones for my design, you can create your own message thanks to my awesome computer genius (it works in Internet Explorer):

Enter text and click "submit"

or just copy the URL above and replace the red part with your own message.

This is all because has added a feature where if you click on a little icon next to a headline, you can get a t-shirt made from it, effectively bridging the gap between actual news and The Onion as stated on BWE. I predict it is just a matter of time before CNN woos Jon Stewart away from Comedy Central for untold zillions to host a night time fake-news chat show of their own. Not that I think that's a particularly bad idea or harbinger of doom or anything, I just want to go on record calling it.

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