Wednesday, April 9, 2008

[The Record Crate] More Music, Less Coughing

I know it's allergy season and all, but next time someone as magnificent as the world's best classical guitarist David Tanenbaum rolls into town, bring a lozenge or get your coughing fit out of the way during the applause. Tanenbaum broke through the phlegmatic din, thoughtfully and charmingly explaining each piece before coaxing the angelic aspects of Baroque parlor dances and modern composition from his instrument. I've said it before, the Manship Theatre has peerless acoustics for this kind of music; my only wish is that its schedule had more of it. I have nothing against belly dancers and jugglers and whatnot, but that stage was designed to present music flawlessly and intimately. In a couple years, with the right planning and some Chloraseptic, we could give Austin City Limits a run for its money.

Until then, hipsters rejoice! Three of the most buzzed-about bands in the country are gracing the Spanish Moon this week: L.A. electro-pop sensations Health, true believers in the powers of epic rock British Sea Power and next big thing Colour Revolt (their new album, Plunder, Beg and Curse, is the editor's pick in May's issue of Paste) will all rally the troops. The funky side of things is sewn up nicely by Big Sam's Funky Nation and the Mike Foster Project at Chelsea's, and Nashville veteran singer-songwriter David Olney will offer a close-up and personal view of what his bio rightly calls "a sharp literary mind that cuts to the bone of the human condition" at the Red Dragon, where all the proceeds go directly to the artist.

Required listening for the week: Nick Cave has gotten over his melancholia and side projects to erupt perverse and soul-injected with Dig! Lazarus, Dig! It the most fun you can have while feeling dirty.

Link for events calendar for the week

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