Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Review of Your Body Is Changing by Jack Pendarvis

Your Body Is ChangingI really liked that first story, but when I got to the second, I realized that all his stories were going to be like that: a rambling misfit is thrown into a strange situation in which his Falstaff ignorance proves to be an unwitting asset. So I'll just stop at liking the first story.

It did make me appreciate the Ben Greenman book I read a while back a lot more. If you are hungry for young weird short fiction, I'd pick that over this.


  1. Not sure if you ever picked up 'The Mysterious Secret of the Valuable Treasure' but it's definitely the stronger of the two of Jack's books, though it subscribes to the same formula.

    Remind me some time and I'll send you a recording of Jack reading 'Sex Devil' from that book. Having his voice and elocution in my head while reading made it far more enjoyable.

  2. you're crazy. jack pendarvis is the best!