Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a riding lawnmower on the moon

Country music legend George Jones received a special visitor on Christmas Day when fellow recording artist Ronnie McDowell showed up at his home in Franklin, Tenn., bearing the gift of a portrait --commissioned by George's wife, Nancy -- depicting his DUI arrest while operating a riding lawn mower. From here.

George Jones, The Bradley Barn Sessions

  • We should put a riding lawnmower on the moon to commemorate George Jones surviving being George Jones for 80 years!

    Drive-By Truckers, "George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues"
  • I've been playing with the stats part of the new Blogger and this old post suggesting that George Jones and Irma Thomas get together has gotten more play than I previously realized, so here it is.
  • I saw old No-Show Jones that Thursday night. His pipes were shot and his band did most of the heavy lifting. It was a run through the numbers; the real George Jones in the room, not the old man in the windbreaker or the wife-beating drunken nightmare, was the one projected into the stale air of the River Center by the audience clinging to that amorphous thing classic country music now represents.
  • The Bradley Sessions is a good place to go. Jones and Ricky Skaggs and Keith Richards and even Tammy showed up in Owen Bradley's barn during a thunderstorm and made it happen. the reviews complain that it's too clean, but George Jones is generally smooth as whiskey spilled 'cross and Ethan Allen table.

    George Jones & Keith Richards, "Say It's Not You"

    Not from that session, but this is my all-time favorite George Jones tune. Best appearance of Elvis and Fred Flintstone in the same song.

    George Jones, "The King is Gone"
  • This is the second DBT video I've sent out this morning. Happy birthday, Lisa and to all the other Lisas out there.

    Drive-By Truckers, "Lisa's Birthday"
Edited to add: Speaking of the moon, look at that dirty old moon from last night.