Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[The Record Crate] Irma, Meet George

C'mon! tell me young Irma Thomas and George Jones don't make a hot couple.
Beyoncé and Walton Goggins can play them in the TV movie.

OK, so on Thursday night, within a few blocks’ radius we have Irma Thomas, the Soul Queen of New Orleans performing a gospel blowout at the Manship Theatre, and the finest country singer in the world George Jones performing over at the River Center. Either one alone will prove to be a rarefied musical experience, but just imagine if, in a stroke of synergistic brilliance, Irma’s people got in touch with George’s and the two led their respective throngs out into the street, intermingling "It’s Rainin" and "He Stopped Loving Her Today" into some improbable round and when the two congregations met up there on the levee at the paper clip structure, the two joined hands and broke into an old country gospel standard, maybe something from Jones’ 1972 In a Gospel Way album. "Amazing Grace" perhaps. Or take a patriotic angle and do "The Star-Spangled Banner." Anything they want to do will be fine, really. How quickly can we get fireworks on the river lined up? I understand something like this would take a lot of negotiations, but to have two singers, each the pinnacle of their genre performing practically within earshot of each other… it would be so worth it.

Should this fantasy pairing on the levee somehow not materialize, there are plenty of highly probable bookings to be excited about. Madman drummer Zach Hill will be performing with underground MC Subtle at the Spanish Moon, ripping holes in the time-space continuum. Brooklyn indie darlings Gang Gang Dance will appear there on Saturday to further confuse the works, with the unstoppable Rudy Richard tying up all the loose ends at Teddy’s Juke Joint. Quality entertainment all around. Now, somebody get to work on putting together that Irma Thomas/George Jones finale.

Wednesday, Nov. 19
Mike Foster Project at Chelsea’s
Wade Bowen at The Varsity

Thursday, Nov. 20
Irma Thomas at the Manship Theatre
George Jones at the River Center
Blue Remedy at Chelsea’s
Andy Davis and Jake Smith at The Varsity
The Stellaphonics & Murder Mystery at North Gate Tavern
Peter Simon at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's
Steven from Waiting for Brantley at Click’s

Friday, Nov. 21
Man Plus Building and Brass Bed at Spanish Moon
The Legendary J.C.’s at Chelsea’s
Frontiers – a Tribute to Journey at The Varsity
Highlines and She Craves at North Gate Tavern
The Chris Himmel band and David Borne & Brett Smith at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's
Stereo Reform at Click’s

Saturday, Nov. 22
Gang Gang Dance at Spanish Moon
Papa Grows Funk at Chelsea’s
The City Life at North Gate Tavern
Two If By Land at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's
Fall from Grace and Aura at Click’s
Rudy Richard at Teddy’s Juke Joint

Sunday, Nov. 23
Robyn Helzner trio at the Manship Theatre
Selwyn Cooper at Teddy’s Juke Joint

Monday, Nov. 24
Subtle, Zach Hill & Truckasaurus at Spanish Moon
Cherryholmes Christmas at the Manship Theatre

Tuesday, Nov. 25
Devin the Dude & The Coughee Bros. at Spanish Moon
Josiah from Evangelina at Click’s

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