Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Frank Zappa YouTube Rampage

Freak Out!

Absolutely Free

We're Only In It For the Money

Over-Nite Sensation


  1. Hi - this is very interesting. Posting entire FZ albums on YouTube. I'm sure the FZT will not be happy about that, and they'll be gone soon.

    Anyway - this is cool. I've never heard this version of WOIIFTM with the drums and bass over-dubbed. Sounds weird.

    If you like Zappa, be sure to check out my radio station: www.wfzr.net

  2. whoa - sorry to post again but that version of WOIIFM is horrible! What was FZ thinking?

  3. This is particulary interesting taking into account that Zappa (and the Family Trust)insist that the music needs to be listened to in high quality. If anyone is interested, I have just started a new blog which has a zappa focus. It can be found at


  4. the new version of WOIIFTM is ok to have as an alternative, in addition to the original mix, but the original should be sold also, with both versions labeled so we know what we're getting. some of us prefer the recordings without the 1990's sounding bass and drums.
    if you want to photoshop a copy of the mona lisa, fine, but leave the original alone.