Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Nice earholes!"

R.E.M., Automatic for the People
David Essex, Rock On
Cocteau Twins, Four-Calendar Cafe
Prefab Sprout, Protest Songs
Lost Bayou Ramblers and Gordon Gano, "Bastille"

  • "Nice earholes!" said my beautiful wife upon seeing this gecko picture.

  • I got the new Facebook to work. I can already hearing the beating of breasts about this free thing that is weirdly not behaving exactly how we want, but I like it. The world is an organically choreographed monkey trapeze show anyway; the new Facebook is just a way to watch the monkeys go, to flatten the non-Euclidian state of reality for your hapless linear understanding.

  • The calculus behind the dubby remix of Lost Bayou Ramblers' "Bastille" (GIVERS at the cont-rols) is the limit as x approaches no-longer-Cajun without crossing the "why?" axis. See what I did there? Math jokes!

  • The R.E.M. Smackdown was a lot of fun, even with some phoneline issues. Thanks WNYC! I look forward to my next opportunity to put forth an unpopular opinion about popular music.

  • I had something else but Fringe is on. New season! on demand! Peter doesn't exist because he fell in a wormhole or something! Plus the extra quantum reality character looks just like the cashier at Zoe's Kitchen like an hour ago! Or is it at the same time, but different space-time? Why am I shouting?!

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