Tuesday, September 6, 2011

smoker of life


Mike Doughty, Yes and Also Yes

Robert Ellis, Photographs

George Strait, Here for a Good Time
The Drums, Portamento
Terry Riley, A Rainbow in Curved Air
  • The new George Strait is the treacly, carcinogenic glaze on the ribs of my day in the smoker of life. Really, I'm as surprised as anybody. Seek out "Poison" and let it seep into your marrow.
  • It could not conceivably be more gorgeous out. The parade ground on campus was littered with fresh coeds huddled on blankets if not from the rare September breeze - summer is usually still farting its warmth on you this time of year - but at the sudden opportunity to do so. The conscious parfait of bathing suit top, books to study, oversize backpack, requisite cellphone, that weird loneliness that comes from being on display among others similarly on self-absorbed with his or her own tableau. It's a microcosm of the college experience.
  • Which is a microcosm of life, except you have time to loll around on the grass in the middle of the day with other people that still look attractive with their shoes off.
  • Speaking of, RIP New Orleans' arranger, producer, R&B machine Wardell Quezergue. He brought so many great songs like this into the world.

    Robert Parker, "Barefootin'"
  • Pecking away at reviews and articles and paperwork after a long day including a great #digitalbrands class. I'm into it. When teaching works it is like going out on mutual limbs with your students until you get to the thin branches in the middle where no one has their balance.There was a long break between George Strait and the Drums, should that seem to be the worst segue-way of all time. Whatever route gets me to "A Rainbow in Curved Air" at the end of the day is fine with me.

    Terry Riley, "A Rainbow In Curved Air"


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