Friday, September 9, 2011

Move a fin and the world turns

installation at Foster Hall Gallery, LSU, Sept. 9, 2011/ More pics here.

Benjamin Broening/Duo Runedako, Recombinant Nocturnes
So Percussion, Steve Mackey: It Is Time (out Sept. 27 from Cantaloupe Music)
Jacks, Vacant World
Wooden Wand, Death Seat
Logistic Minutia, Logistic Minutia
Sufjan Stevens, Enjoy Your Rabbit

  • It's about to close in 2 hours of this writing, so this doesn't help you, but the @SocialStructure installation (see above) at Foster Hall Gallery is very cool. You get to move things around, make spooky noises, images feed to and from twitter, I saw my own name pop up on there while I was in there.

  • I just finished the polish on an interview with one of the dudes from Dengue Fever. I'm glad it was the dude, talking with Chholm Nimol on the phone my be more than my feeble heart can handle. Anyway, we got on about Asian psychedelia and I brought up the moody Japanese psych-folk band Jacks, whose Vacant World is right now cutting donuts on the surface of my space/time continuum. I #humblebrag that I was surprised the Dengue Fever dude had yet to be hipped to Jacks.

    Jacks, "In the Broken Mirror"

    The skinny on Jacks came to me from Julian Cope's Japrocksampler, a book I couldn't quite embrace while reading it but has in memory served magnificently as the catalyst it intends to be. That seems the noblest of goals for which non-fiction can strive.

    Dengue Fever's new album Cannibal Courtship is aces. Spotify it already.

  • I came across Wooden Wand buried deep in my iTunes library. I contend the hoarding tendencies new media fosters - the cloud is like a rental storage unit for you to house your digital trash-pickings - retains some of the charms of flip-flip-flip record hunting, even if it is scroll-scroll-scroll. And it's your record store.

  • I like the world-from-my-chair aspect of digital culture. It's like when the Victorians would paint a room in their house red and stock it with exotic knick-knacks from the Orient or Darkest Inja to imply a worldliness that they didn't actually have. I'm down with that kind of fake-out. Expand yourself by whatever means necessary. I was palying with Photosynth's iPhone panorama-o-matic app and thought of a line from Throbbing Gristle's "Six Six Sixties"

    I am one of the injured
    A tear blurs flesh
    Like an injured dog
    Like wasted limbs
    Get smaller
    Pain is the stimulus of pain
    But then of course nothing is cured
    This is the world now
    Move a fin and the world turns
    Sit in a chair and pictures change

    Try to eat us
    And get trapped
    Or injured

    I mean, there is a noir gibberish factor to TG, but my friend Jaan who turned me on to them eons ago used to quote that highlighted line a lot, and I think its right. We are swimming in it. Below, you can sit in my chair and change the pictures.

    Take a spin in my office chair. Click here if the embed thingy doesn't work for you.

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