Saturday, December 25, 2010

simply having

I'm committed to spending my vacation in 'airplane mode' as it were but there is so much to love about Olde England. Euston Station is a rabbit warren of a place that I'm half convinced I dreamed, having been up for infinite hours of travel by the time we made it out of there. London was a whirl and we just went sledding out the countryside in Rugby, like where rugby was likely invented. I arrived this morning to Sir Paul McCartney declaring that he was simply having a wonderful Christmastime and though I'm more of a John/George type, I have to agree with the old lady-man bastard. Already had a bacon sarnie this morning and I understand cheese and biscuits are being laid out as I type. Father Christmas was duly informed of the wee Beatlemaniac's manias and set her up with a shirt a hat, a bag, an etc.

Here's a sampling. Happy Christmas one and all!


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