Tuesday, December 7, 2010

jealousy at play


Beastie Boys, Check Your Head

There seems like there is so much to talk about since we last met, but really, all I can think about is the lunch I had yesterday at the State Police Cafeteria: Rice & gravy, chopped beef, mustard greens, cornbread, banana pudding and coffee. Cooked and served by inmates; surrounded by happy people with guns. There were two old guys sitting in the table across the way, one in a veteran's hat, other with some police insignia. The latter stood with a cane. I wondered whether they worked in the dense matrix of law enforcement off Independence Boulevard or if they were retired form it and just popped in for lunch. I found myself there because I was teaching a class onsite, but will find myself there again. Like tomorrow, for fried chicken day.

I flipped through my social networking and saw the updates from someone visiting a noted foodie capital having noted foodie things form noted foodie places and I know none of that shit was anywhere as good as those greens. There is a twinge of jealousy at play, sure, I like high dining, but I think I like low dining even better. It's not hard to find pricey delicacies in upscale places, but the right magic sandwich from the right gas station is secret knowledge. So what I'm saying is, State Police eat good.

Beastie Boys. I was thinking about writing projects, current ones and others back-burnered, one of the latter being a novel-of-stories thing that opens with "Stand Together" blasting in a crowded bar, right where the fuzzed out part goes into overdrive. The project was good but the story was terrible; a spirit : willing :: flesh : weak situation which just now strikes me as the theme I was really trying to get at in it.

But suddenly, all that pales in comparison to this: Black Metal Filipino Talent Show Whitney Houston Lipsync. That is something! Thanks, Philip!

Watch the whole thing.

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