Thursday, December 2, 2010

A goateed cat with a swell fedora

The dapper, earnest, and talented Justin Townes Earle at the Manship Theatre last night. He's also pretty good at twitter: @JustinTEarle. More about this show next week when I rejoin the 225 blogging crew next week after a month's hiatus.

Zadie Smith, White TeethAir, Love 2
Trans Am, Thing
Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
A goateed cat with a swell fedora sped by on a beater bike, balancing a sax case on the handlebars and the folks on the sidewalk before me said “Let’s follow him!”
Media announcement: My attempt to cast New Orleans' Frenchmen Street in a Burroughsian light awaits at the Country Roads website, area newsstands and magazine kiosks. My friend Frank McMains has a great profile of master mandolin luthier and former Louisiana Hayride-er Luke Thompson in that same issue, if but to sweeten the deal.

Jerri sent me the link to the Abby Road crosswalk-cam - it's funny to watch the tourists vs. the locals just trying to non-chalatly cross the damn street on that most famous of zebras and on my other monitor I'm Google Street walking over by Wesminster Abbey trying to wrap my head around actually going there for the holidays. If I'm a tourist, am I free to chalant?

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Seriously, get a Sharpie and an old Vogue magazine. Every page you have to add a cigarette. You’ll laugh your ass off. It’ll be sad because you’ll be alone.

Lynda Barry is awesome, in case you were wondering or are of some backwards-ass opion that she isn't.

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