Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hare Krishna grapes.

Joshua Cohen reviews Tao Lin's Richard Yates (via Bookforum)

Wells Tower, "The Landlord" (via The New Yorker)
Of Montreal, False Priest (via NPR)
Nico Muhly, Speaks Volumes (via Bandcamp)

It is interesting to have the hyperverbose it-boy (Cohen) review the nearly comatose one (Lin) and have the former propose to do it as the kind of stunt for which the latter is famous, and have the latter refuse. For what it's worth, I reviewed both and found the former's book a dazzling mountain of language, but the latter's a book with a stronger lingering impact. I'm sure I've remaked before that Nico Muhly has it figured out. I may have figured out that I don't reallky like Of Montreal all that much anymore, even though I dig what he's doing. Wells Tower has the stuff. He does with aridness what Breece D'J Pancake does with things cresting hills in the night (fog, rabbits, car lights). Wonders, that's what they do with them.

Nico Muhly, "It Goes Without Saying."

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