Friday, September 3, 2010

This nuclear thing

Japanese wrestlers acting out a Super Mario skit. Thanks, Chuck!

OK, this started out as a nice story about the world's largest bass drum but then I got to this
During the 1940s, scientist Enrico Fermi worked on the Manhattan Project in the stadium, creating the first nuclear chain reaction. The atomic bomb research left the big bass drum radioactive.
The first nuclear chain reaction was set off in a Chicago football stadium? That seems a little unwise. Didn't they all secretly think splitting the atom would summon the frost giants to Ragnarok, just like I know in my heart Buzz Aldrin was thinking there was gonna be some fine-ass moon maidens up there and he was prepared to cockblock Neil Armstrong if need be? I got your giant step for man right here!, I feel he smugly mused as he clutched the crotch area of the space suit.  This nuclear thing will be common knowledge to some, at least to one or two dear readers with ties to the Big Shouldered Hog Butcher Town, but, trip on that!

In other news, I was looking up something about the Kinks last night on Wikipedia - I couldn't remember if it was Arthur (or the Decline of the British Empire) or Arthur (and the Decline of the British Empire); it is the former- and saw mentioned the Mike Cotton Sound as a related group and thought, "Now! They don't name them like that anymore!" Flugelhornist Mike Cotton and crew backed up everybody including the Kinks in concert and on records and lost a drummer eventually to them (via the Animals) and occupy the perfect nexus between wholesome and maddening music with their homage "Beau Diddley." You should play it at the same time as the Japanese Super Mario wrestling skit above and let your brain explode so you can fucking relax for the three day weekend already.

JimmyTheFerret, please keep shooting videos of your record player forever!

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