Monday, September 20, 2010

I drink wine with meals when it is appropriate

As promised, High Performance doing "The Creole Stomp."

Lil B, 6 Kiss
Terry Southern, The Magic Christian 
Film School, Fission
Robert Randolph & the Family Band, We Walk This Road  
Charalambides, Union

Careful readers might note I don't listen to much hip-hop; I like it, but it collides too much with whatever I'm trying to do while listening to it, which is a testament to its strength as an artform. Anyway, Lil B came up in three unrelated places in the last hour and I can read the signs when they make cross to make an *. Listening to Lil B is like the hallucinations one might experience if one fell asleep with the TV on while slathered in shockingly expired Vick's VapoRub.

I flipped through a couple of Terry Southern books after sending back Norman Mailer. The Magic Christian won me over with
When Grand finally drew himself back from the window and doffed his pig mask...

All I need, really.

Here are five exaggerated behaviors observed on the way back from the library that remind me why I love working on campus.
  1. A cute girl racing through the library's sliding doors to snake her arm around the neck of a twerpy dude in a stupid hat and plant one on him while he continued to yammer into his phone.
  2. An overstuffed backpack that had the word "ALL" burned into the leather. I'm guessing it was her initials and not an answer to "What do you have in that thing?"
  3. A beautiful Indian girl sitting on one of the benches as I rounded the corner, absolutely seething with barely contained rage.She's was fixin' to cut somebody that needed cutting.
  4. A half-lidded chuckling hippie dude with a wide bandanna headband and careful stubble making his way through the crowd  practicing his devil sticks while listening to a jam band going off the deep end loudly on his iPod. He was a one-man Bonnaroo.
  5. An older male professor in a very purposely chosen fishing hat thing explaining to a foreign grad student what he likes to drink in that careful, doesn't-play-well-with-others, professorial way. "I enjoy Scotch. I enjoy beer. I drink wine with meals when it is appropriate but it is not my favorite..." That guy is probably late for class now, still getting the contents of this guy's liquor cabinet.

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  1. If you follow Lil B's career from the beginning its really an amazing document of a man's decent into a drug induced insanity. It's quite time consuming but there are some rewards. It's a better experience than music though sometimes he catches a taste of genius. You can get a good overview of his pre-6 Kiss stuff from this mixtape: