Monday, September 6, 2010


Statue of ISKCON Founder-Acharya: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in the temple at New Talavan, Carriere, MS

Faust, Faust IV
Embryo, Rache
James Blackshaw, All is Falling
Neu!, Neu! '86

I went out to partake in the weekly feast at the Hare Krishna temple at New Talavan outside of Carriere, MS this weekend under the auspices of writing a story that won't appear in print for a couple of months, so I won't ruin it for you, but suffice to say the experience was a thorough pleasure. I've always enjoyed pleasant dealings with ISKCON devotees in the past despite what reservations I might have about their religious organization. It's not entirely directed at them; I have reservations any time religious and organization are in the same room. The vegetarian fare was amazing - like really, I've had Hare Krishna feasts before that were kinda bland but this was explosive. Bitter melon cooked just right will cure what ails you.

As will panir (fresh cheese) made from that morning's milk from cows that are lovingly treated by quiet men with a religious calling to do so. Seriously, its one of the freshest cooked things I've ever eaten.

One of those quiet men.

My photos can be found here, but there was a real photographer in tow and hers plus my more focused observations will appear when the article appears. I was hoping to find a t-shirt simply emblazoned "ISKCON MISSISSIPPI" but this was the closest thing.


But I really don't wish to mire the experience with kitsch redcutionism. It is a truly lovely place run by lovely people.

Three temple views, outside and in.

I usually go Kraut/prog/fusion on the soundtracks for trips like these, I find sonic excess (if you have to call it that) opens up my head on the dull expanse of highway the way a good conversation with a passenger does, but really, nothing in my arsenal can hold its own with the mid-day arati, where devotees gather to honor the deities and chant and play tabla and ring bells and put their hands in a flame and by the end, make a thunderous noise. Video will be posted once it's processed. For my out-music nerd readers, tabla and a harmonium sit waiting for eager ecstatic hands.

I was tempted.



  1. prabuphahda seems to be getting younger with the passgage of time (and he's sprouted a rainbow!) whereas the po' long-suffering nazarene on the wall remains a changeless thirty-three


  2. That sounds really interesting and delicious. I'd love to photograph that place sometime (and try their food). Looking forward to the article.