Friday, September 3, 2010

So glad they saved the trailer

OK, Mr. Breece D'J Pancake, I am fi'in to get with you. Not in a great beyond sense - he died in 1979 from a self-inflicted shotgun wound at age 26 - or in a  git wit u sense, which would be creepy given the aforementioned circumstances, but in a figure what The Published You is all about way. Like all pancakes, I expect to enjoy the syrup I bring to the meal but it will be the heft of your grain that will sustain me afterward. Which still sounds creepy.

Still working on the juke joint book. If you know of a place in Lake Charles I need to visit or anything in north Louisiana, holla, please.  Above is the Alligator Bayou Bar, which unfortunately shut its doors before it could be memorialized in bound print. Here is the story I wrote about it for Country Roads, wherein a girl cries and a pissing tiger is discussed.

The latest news at the LSU Center for Conceptual Art Studies, besides the name change, is that the committee met and we went with "green."

2006; 2010. So glad they saved the trailer. In case I didn't get it across already, I wrote a piece about this very dome and my take on the R. Buckminster Fuller Thing in the most recent Oxford American, their "Future" issue. I haven't seen a paper copy yet either, but I have an online subscription thingy that allows me to read it from everywhere and it looks tight from all those angles. Get it? Geodesic...angles.... In THE FUTURE, Y'ALL!

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