Thursday, September 16, 2010


It's like a callus on the hand of a tree goddess.

Norman Mailer, An American Dream
Morton Feldman, "Madame Press Died Last Week At Ninety" (via Little Brother)
Aki Takahashi,  Feldman: Piano; Piano Piece 1955; Two Intermissions; Illusions; Extensions 3; Palais De Mari
Zeena Parkins, Necklace 

Media Announcements: I'm gonna be on the radio tonight talking about one of my favorite places in the world, Teddy's Juke Joint at 4:44 and 6:44 PM CST, 89.3 WRKF, Baton Rouge and online We talk about wearing capes, Star Hill Plantation, and the art of spinning records. I had the flu when we did the edits so I come off extra manly and sonorous. The full interview will be on their website along with some great photos by Frank McMains later today.

Also, my review of the Ted Hearne's chamber music song cycle Katrina Ballads on the Oxford American site. Nice to see Austin L. Ray, who I worked with on my few foray's at Paste, up in there laying it down about Justin Townes Earle. Also OA editor Marc Smirnoff goes double-half-nelson-meta on Steve Almond.

The reason it's called the Net is because it is woven from threads of us all talking about ourselves and each other. Welcome to the New Music-musing on the Internet to everyone and sometimes to no one but yourself blues, Little Brother. He's got a good profile of Morton Feldman up on his blog that you should check out if you are into that sort of thing, or even if you are not.

Numinous performing "Madame Press never had to Holler at Morty" which has some relation to the piece Little Brother played.

I never met Morton Feldman, but I did John Cage, Valentine's Day 1992 when I interviewed him on the radio. He told a story about himself and (I'm pretty sure it was) Morton Feldman walking through a park in NYC when they saw a fire truck with lights blaring but no sirens trying to push its way through the gridlock traffic. It was making such slow headway that they started trailing it on foot, until it turned down an alley and suddenly disappeared. "It was a quiet fire engine!" Mr. Cage excitedly and softly chuckled.

Eclipse Quartet plays Zeena Parkins's Visible/Invisible

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