Monday, September 13, 2010

protect your brain freedom

The Future can be yours!

Be Bop Deluxe, Axe Victim

If you are looking this morning to listen to that awesome glam record to which you've never listened before, I'd recommend Be Bop Deluxe's Axe Victim because I was looking for that very thing and there it was. If you are a true glam aficionado, you've heard this already and can disregard, but then you probably aren't even up yet and this will be 100 items down on your RSS feed or better yet you won't have an RSS feed because you are on cool, heavy substances and don't need TV when you have T. Rex, so no bother.

I responded thus to this Oxford American questionaire question:
If sleep becomes obsolete in the year 2050, what will you do with all that extra time?

Fret. Listen to even more obscure music from the 1970's. Write some terrible fiction. 
Way out here in the future, I feel good that at least the second part of that response holds true. You know, the Future of the South issue is not generating sufficient chatter considering how good it is and how smart it looks on your coffee table with that robot and all, so get yourself a copy. I understand the polymers with which the cover is printed will protect you from alien mind-control rays, so it might be a good idea to buy an extra copy to fashion into some sort of paper hat in order to protect your brain freedom.

I wouldn't normally be so shamelessly promotional like this (I would), but with my contribution to this issue I turned a lark into an idea into an article into a check into a new lawnmower and, if I was smart and took my clever nephew's advice, would turn that into an idea about lawnmowers into an article into a check into a gardener. Then I could commence to writing bad fiction about a gardener and get movies made from those fictions with groovy 70's glam rock soundtracks for no other reason that glam rock always sounds great in a movie soundtrack no matter the subject. It'll be swinging.

It seems like important alchemy is at play. American alchemy. Plus all this American Mercury fervor I have going has me sweet on this idiosyncratic rag and all the others that encourages such literary behavior in myself and others. Do the right thing and go buy a cool magazine today. You know it will fill your soul better than that pricey, crappy lunch you were going to buy will.

I'm gonna listen to Axe Victim over and over this morning. It's the Future from the past and it's lovely!

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