Tuesday, May 25, 2010

there is only do

24 (FOX)
The National, High Violet
(2010, Rhapsody)
Samamidon, But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted (2007, Rhapsody)

Media Announcement/Addendum: My review of the National's High Violet is up at outsideleft.com. This record is a grower. I love Alligator like a movie teen does a girl out of his league, really like Boxer but ultimately cannot really get my arms around it, but this one had to get in my bloodstream and seep up to my head that way. It says something that I am still listening to it. Usually by the time I review something I am done. And now, I'm really into "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" which didn't even register in previous rounds enough to get mentioned in the review. It touches on their early country-ish leanings without quite going there. Like a said, a grower.

The National, "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" (Rhapsody)

Wasn't I just talking about the surprising legs that songs from Songs from the Big Chair seem to have? I guess that was his first tape too. Somebody do some folked-out Depeche Mode songs already, like a more homemade and teenagery version of this. Anyway, Samamidon...

Samamidon, "Head Over Heels" (Rhapsody)

Maya got some awesome Star Wars pancake molds for her birthday (Thanks, the Porters!) which are not as easy at it sounds to use, but in the ways of the Force, there is no try; there is only do. Samamidon's version of Mississippi John Hurt's "Louis Collins" is shockingly appropriate and lovely.

Samamidon, "Louis Collins" (Rhapsody)

And 24, you were some good TV, a little dicey politically perhaps, what with the torture and wiretapping and all, but still good, unclean, antihero fun. No one beat their breasts trying to figure you out. We just wanted to watch you do your thing with nary a wisecrack in real time. I know when they shit really does go down, no one is going to say "Man, I wish one of those psychologically wounded plane crash victims were here right now to save the day. Perhaps a love triangle, stilted despite being stranded on Love Triangle Island, right now would do the trick." They will want a guy with Special ops training and awesome phone skills who never needs to sleep or eat or pee on the case. I salute you for years of action-packed, mindless service, and Dub Trio salutes you as well.

♫ Dub Trio, "Jack Bauer" (Rhapsody)

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