Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Not That 'Rocket Man'"

Silver Apples, The Garden (1968/1998, Rhapsody)
Kurt Vile, Square Shells (2010, free today from Matador's blog)
Pearls Before Swine, The Use of Ashes (1970, Rhapsody)
Guided By Voices, Under the Bushes, Under the Stars (1996, Rhapsody)

Early synth + hippy jam + a one-named guy playing a self-invented instrument named for himself (Simeon plays the Simeon) + futurist manifesto Saturnalia = I should be all over it, yet I don't really get Silver Apples in a way that makes me feel like I get that I don't get it. Which is my favorite kind of getting something.

Silver Apples, “Fire Ant Noodle” (Rhapsody)

I'm picking up what this Kurt Vile kid is laying down.

Kurt Vile, “Invisibility : Nonexistent” (160k mp3 from Matador)

I can't let go of what I've picked up from Pearls Before Swine. This is not that "Rocket Man."

Pearls Before Swine, "Rocket Man" (Rhapsody)

"Not That 'Rocket Man'" sounds like a Guided By Voices song title. UTBUTS is just the best.

Guided By Voices, "It's Like Soul Man" (Rhapsody)

The above photo is of master Elvis impersonator Donny Edwards who is featured in a story I am working on. He might actually be that Rocket Man.

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