Sunday, May 9, 2010

Home of the Original "Jalapeño Sausage Cheese Bread"

I have so many truly wondrous things to report from this weekend, but I feel the central element to it all is the world-famous jalapeño sausage cheese bread from Bourque's Superstore in Port Barre, LA, Home of the Original "Jalapeño Sausage Cheese Bread."

The second photo is from the Bourque's website, through which said bread can be FedEx'ed to you.

Seriously, it is a pie of (warm when fresh but just as good cold) baked jalapeño sausage cheese bread of which I have made my last three meals and were I to have an actual last meal, I would request that this be involved. I'm tempted to commit a heinous crime in my old age just to make that happen. That good. All other jalapeño sausage cheese bread products are hereby on notice. I'm talking specifically to you, Ambrosia.

And happy mother's day!

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