Friday, May 21, 2010

assuredly abrew

Various Artists, The Complete 10-Inch Series from Code Blue (compiled 2003, Rhapsody)
John Sinclair, Criss Cross (2007, Rhapsody)
R. Scully & Rough Seven, Rough Seven (out soon, MySpace)

Event announcement: BE S.L.I.C.! with CultureCandy's SweetTooth #9. Save Louisiana's Irreplacable Coast! Fund Raiser for BP Oil Spill at the Gallery Bohemia, 3774 Government Street, Baton Rouge, LA this Saturday night from 8pm on. $8.

We will be handing out fresh copies of the latest Sweet Tooth, there will be gallery chow, glittery people, a DJ and if I have my facts straight, rickshaw rides. More info awaits.

Dude! Chas Smith on this compilation! It's really hard to make a pedal steel sound like anything but open plains lonesome, and his still sounds that way, but on a existential level. Like the cries of lonely molecules to the moon instead of that of some old coyote.

♫ Chas Smith, "After" (Rhapsody)

Last night while taking the dog out, we came across a family down the street taking their new pet snake for a walk. The boy was letting it down into the precision trimmed grass of a grandma-type on the corner, one with the fountains full of angel statues, and I was sure it would burrow into the thatch only to hours later scare the daylights out of the old gal and meet the business end of her pruning shears. She would cut that sucker exactly in half. The boy yanked the snake up just before it got away, probably to save his own hide more than that of the snake. I was thankful a witnessing of the street whippin' assuredly abrew was avoided. The spared child let us pet the snake for a second. The dog made perfunctory motions toward "getting it" like we encourage her to do with imagined squirrels and birds in the backyard, but Maya kept her in check with the slightest breeze of discipline.

♫ Chas Smith, "October '68" (Rhapsody)

Speaking of old coyotes and the slightest breeze of discipline, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. John Sinclair. Happy weekend all! See you at the thing!

The Delta Sound: Charles Shaar Murray, Bill Smith, John Sinclair live in Croydon, UK, 2009

♫ John Sinclair, "Brilliant Corners" (Rhapsody)

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