Monday, May 31, 2010

(doesn't work) vs. "works"

Charles Mingus (with Eric Dolphy), Cornell 1964 (2007, Rhapsody)
Albert Ayler, Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe (1969, Rhapsody)

I love Albert Ayler's improbable free jazz-pop crossover records. They don't really work, but they (don't work) in a beautiful way. This one blues number, "Drudgery," however, totally "works," sounding ironically ebullient and effortless against its name. It's the sound of the after-party for the battle of (doesn't work) vs. "works." It goes great with the empty cicada shell on the grooviness of the patio table.

♫ Albert Ayler, "Drudgery" (Rhapsody)

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