Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Living With Music: A Playlist by Rachel Kushner (PaperCuts)
John Lydon DJ'ing All Songs Considered (NPR)
Public Image Ltd., Live in Tokyo (Rhapsody)
Jarvis Cocker, The National Trust: Music to Think To (The National Trust)

I like that Bob Boilen hasn't listened to PiL in ages either.

I daydream of one day being asked by the New York Times or NPR to craft such a playlist, and have the daynightmare of sounding like a jackass/cliche in my commentary.

Speaking of cliches, this is one of the finest

♫ Public Image Ltd., "Public Image" (Rhapsody)

A girl in my high school circle was all into the Live in Tokyo record. Maybe because punk rock & new wave was available as scraps in the hinterlands in the 80's and somebody accidentally shipped a copy of this to the Record Bar at the mall. It's not my favorite PiL moment but us all slumped living room and the dark paneling and the smell of Domino's pizza and me giving a prickish, self-righteous cold shoulder to a guy that had recently been in an accident where he stopped his jeep on the train tracks and couldn't get the car started and the worst happened like they always warn you about, all comes rushing back with this is not a love song! this is not a loooooove song! railing in the background.

♫ Public Image Ltd., "(This Is Not) A Love Song (live)" (Rhapsody)

If you look dead center in the photo above, you will see one of the hawks that lives in our tree out front.


  1. I worked at the Record Bar in Cortana Mall. Used to order for the "progressive" section. Just sayin'

  2. The Record Bar in question was the one in Southland Mall in Houma. Their progressive guy leaned more toward the metal end of things, though I did excitedly buy a Scraping Foetus off the Wheel record and that career-retrospective Bauhaus tape there.