Tuesday, May 18, 2010

nothing better

Tower Recordings, Folkscene (2001, Rhapsody)
Mose Allison, The Way of the World (2010, Rhapsody)
Megafauna, various tracks (MySpace)

Now this is the rainin'-ass place I grew up in. Like, generally speaking, a sprinkler system was just there to show that you had nothing else to spend your money on, but in the last couple years it's been dry in Louisiana. I don't expect this one show to be a reversal, but it felt pretty familiar now that I am an old man that has nothing better to discuss than the weather.

I'm well rounded though; I also talk shop. I've been envious of Mac-enabled writer types when I first saw the serene writing tool Ommwriter, though honestly it's a little Hallmark-card for my tastes, until I took a minutely closer look at the controls on my clunky but efficient weapon of choice Google Docs. I like GD because I can work on a thing anywhere: at the office, at home, on my phone (through the Doc² app) but damn it's ugly like all Google's shit is.

But hit View->Fixed-width page, Ctrl-Shift-F to go widescreen and then F11 to become fullscreen on the browser and the tabby din of the cockpit gives way to the demenued blank page. Just get to writing, you writer, you, it whispers to me. Finally get the handle of CTRL-tabbing through tabs, ALT-tabbing through programs. Learn to use the tools before you like you tell your classes. I know, that's a lot of whispering but I got the message. It's lovely.

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