Monday, May 17, 2010

the Pilates of freak rock

Matt Marks, The Little Death: Vol. 1 (2010, his website)
Flying Saucer Attack, In Search of Spaces (1996, ROOT BLOG)
Keiji Haino, New Rap (2006, Rhapsody)

The photos above and below are from Maya's field trip to the Global Wildlife Center where gigantic hooved and horned creatures scare the living shit out of you as they come right up and beg for pellets. Serves us right, and they are all kinda awesome.

The knot on my neck is courtesy of an article I forgot to finish during all the death business of last week. It is working its way up to being a pulled muscle in the Discretion Over What Assignments I Take On.

The alleviation of said knot and strain is the thanks to the bat-crazy, rabid monkey antics of one Mr. Keiji Haino, who I'd say is like the Pilates of freak rock if I really had a handle on what Pilates is all about.

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  1. Hey, angel, I'm sorry you lost yr pal. I think that thing is a minotaur, right? xox