Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Who I Am

  • You are what you eat, and this is the sandwich I had for lunch.
  • It's made from leftovers: stuffed peppers from Calandro's; fresh ingredients: tomatoes from the farmer's market, and processed ingredients: white bread from Wal-Mart.
  • The key to a good sandwich is not any one ingredient or the provenance/qualities of teh ingredients, but of how those ingredients play off each other in a synergistic way.
  • I like to think that in the practical, active sense of living, I make good sandwiches. I re-use what's there, subvert contexts, make hot things cold, etc. I can stretch a metaphor past its bounds, making it a sail that catches the prevailing wind. See? The sandwich metaphor is just as tired, but you get it. I make things and use them to say what I want to say.
  • Also, I'm loose with criteria, and that above photo was taken outside the bounds of the assignment, so here is another. Look how hard all of you are working! Look how old and gross I am and how young and alive you all are! Here's hoping you come up with something far better than anything I could think of!

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