Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My post

This was awesome!

Ed. To add, in retrospect, was not so awesome.

Ed. to add:
  • OK, today was pretty awesome. this post was originally a demonstration for #digitalbrands on the strike tag, and how to augment/correct a published post, so I will.

  • I was invited to be on WNYC's Smackdown to take on the notion that Steve Jobs was the most important person in music in the last 25 years, and while I will contend he nets the crown for finalizing, monetizing, stylizing, de-brick-and-mortaring the contemporary digital music industry, I offered Prince as my choice. I'm not the world's biggest Prince fan, but His Purple Mountain Majesty was the first to really subvert was it meant to be a big star since Elvis, how to conduct business in a digital age in his own tms, even crack the notion of a indelible branding by becoming his own anti-brand.

    Prince has managed to remain indelibly relevant, revolutionary even despite not releasing an album really worth a second listen in 23 of those 25 years. My argument can be tempered by this thought: were I to for some reason buy one of those dozen or so albums released after Graffiti Bridge, the first place I'd go is iTunes. Advantage, Jobs.

  • I also did a lecture on Baton Rouge blues for a friend's class. My ego was on the verge of imploding.

  • I didn't listen to one note of music today and I had a crappy, hastily maw-crammed lunch from Wendy's. Without music and food, I'm left with nothing to blog but my own vanity.

  • Maya took a liking to XTC's Oranges and Lemons when I payed it for her the other day and today said XTC might be her new favorite band. She said she likes how their name means "happiness". Somewhere in the time-tunnel quanta of influence, my teenage XYC-obsessed self swells with strange, distant pride.

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