Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's the two plates of greens talking.

Greens 1: spinach, speckled white beans, and andouille over rice

Richard Youngs, Lotus Edition
Marion Brown/Anthonly Braxton/Chick Corea/Andrew Cyrille/Jeanne Lee/Bennie Maupin, Afternoon of  Georgia Faun
Ornette Coleman, The Complete Science Fiction Sessions

  • Today, two different co-workers have brought in plates of homemade greens for me to try. Do I come off as vitamin-deficient? Could the cappuccino fairy be queued up behind them? Am I actually dead and this is how its playing out in the circle of virtuous pagans? Regardless: sweet!
  • I'm not one for cluttering the Internet with inspirational musings the are not my own but this is a good one:

    Jason Isbell
    I am living vicariously through myself. 
  • This seems as good a way as any to put it. I've been thinking a lot of "what we are doing when we blog" kind of thoughts in relation to the #DigitalBrands class (We should see if we can get it listed in the catalog that way!) and that is part of it: that we are creating a self out of our self, exalting what we had for lunch with a couple quick Photoshop touch-ups, detailing the mundane to lend it importance, all with the hopes that this new self can do something that our previous self couldn't.
  • I like the virtuous pagans angle in relation to one's digital life. On the Internet, you can reach an off-channel enlightenment. Or cut your own channel. Skip church to be a preacher, and because the pulpit is still being built, the rules of salvation have not been fully laid out, you can save yourself without the sanction of the divine. Your church is right next to theirs on the highway.
  • I dunno, this is getting away from me. It's the two plates of greens talking. Can you have a vitamin overdose? Can the world be too good for you and you should limit your intake of it? Is heaven knowing your limit while limbo is taking what's there? Is hell rooted in excess? If I keel over from greens O.D. and there is blogging in whichever Hereafter, I'll let you know.

Greens 2: Mustard greens with salt pork over rice

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  1. So now Jason Isbell is quoting TMIMITW without attribution? Plagiarist!