Friday, August 26, 2011

Seriously, Tarwater

Through the tint of John Devner's glasses, the soft, gentle parts of your spirit can be seen.

Foster the People, Torches
Barbara Morgenstern, BM
Tarwater, Spider Smile
Juana Molia, Un Dia
Rene Hell, The Terminal Symphony

  • Tarwater! No one ever told me they were my favorite band! Did anyone even know? They make the sound the pipe between the heart and the brain makes when you put your mouth to it and go woooooooo...

    Tarwater, "A Marriage in Belmont"

  • Great class yesterday, #digitalbrands people. Today is my teaching cohort Dr. Porter's birthday, so be sure to give him shit about being old when you see him. To be fair, he holds up well for a man of his vintage.

  • The above (John Denver's Spirit) and below (Gil Scott-Heron's Reflections) were among the covers perused at Vintage Vinyl on the way home from class. I do like having a record store right there. If they  installed a cappuccino machine and had free wi-fi, I'd be in trouble.

  • Newby maritime state hurricaners: do all your laundry beforehand because you will sweat through everything, fill up the tank of your car, get some water and charcoal for the grill and alcohol (it will be useful when trading with the teenage marauder bands) and be prepared to get the f outta dodge should the power go out for a week. There is little dignity in riding out a storm.

  • Seriously, Tarwater, y'all.

    Tarwater, "When Love Was the Law in Los Angeles"

While in the mirror of Gil Scot-Heron's shades, your fire-hardened crust is on full display.

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