Wednesday, August 24, 2011

digital pink

Big Audio Dynamite, This is Big Audio Dynamite and No. 10 Upping Street
The Soup Dragons, Hang-Ten!
Meat Beat Manifest, Storm the Studio
  • The first day of class yesterday was awesome. Follow the #digitalbrands hashtag if you wanna see what we are up to in the specific or the #lsudmi one for the general, world-domination activities of LSU's Digital Media Initiative, in which I am tickled digital pink to be involved. There is more than a little irony in the fact that we don't have a centralized digital presence for the Initiative. I'd like to give the Visionary reason:  centralization is so old media, but really, it's the engineer reason: we are working on it.

  • Then I get back to the day gig to find out I'm moving offices. Like right now. Nothing is less new media than moving boxes of paper around.

  • My take on Watch the Throne, summarized:

    To me, Kanye West is like watching a Swarovski-encrusted Hindenberg slowly circle the mooring tower; Jay-Z is like listening to an accountant explain why rich people get tax breaks.

    can be found in this week's Record Crate for 225 as well as a groovy boogaloo take on a Tom Waits song by zydecio scion C.J. Chenier.

  • Maya and I were playing around with the clip-on LED bike lights we attach to the dog when we walk her at night.

    We clip them onto our bikes too, and wear them on little lanyards around our necks while night biking, but really, they are so cool I want to put them on everything.
  • Mid-80's rave rock turned out to be a perfect soundtrack to the greebo kinda day I'm havin'. I'm not sure any of the three are technically greebo, though any of them could interface with greebo practice. And if we'd had clip-on LED bike lights to weave into our greasy dreads or have our girlfriend's mom sew onto out baggy shorts, we'd've don it. It'd been greebo as shit.

    It may not sound like much now, but "C'mon Every Beatbox" was a virus in our ears in 1985. All our suburban misunderstandings of rap, punk, techno, England, the Bronx coalesced in Big Audio Dynamite. It was a brand new musical biscuit!

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