Friday, October 15, 2010

shutting one's door, opening one's window

The Pretty Things, Parachute and Emotions and S.F. Sorrow

It is an afternoon designed for shutting one's door, opening one's window and enjoying the Pretty Things.

I went with a co-worker to the Apple store over lunch to get his new iPad, and informed him he was a bastard and I hated him for getting one before me and I would seek my revenge. He took my wrath into account and got it anyway, so I licked my wounds by looking over the all-in-one, cinema-screened iMac's and they whispered the solution to me in dulcet tone and with sweetened breath. I'm not even a Mac person in practice because I have to do big boy Microsofty things on computers that you can't do on them, but they sure are nice. If say the Apple store wanted to get its grass roots blogger marketing on with some soul who spends all day talking about how great his devices are and look what I did with them, using the Internet as his own refrigerator magnet gallery. I'd be glad to accommodate. Like, if, you know.

I bet I could finish my book on such a technology. I could blog like a monster. The "magic trackpad" is the step forward in controls. It must be said that Apple computers or its subsidiaries or whatnot have NOT compensated me for this shameless display of want. Not yet anyway.

They should move the Vespa store and the Apple Store to my neighborhood in Mid-City and squeeze in maybe a bohemian used record/book store thingy between them. While I'm asking. Anyway, nice weather we're having.

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  1. Fledgling apple hater here. Ok, I love my iPod Classic but no refresh on the horizon. I bought a Macbook Air. Way overpriced and as I type this on a new Dell Windows laptop, not missed at all. My 4x cheaper ($400) ASUS netbook is better at streaming Netflix. My iPhone is ok. No desire to buy an iPad because I actually like to type. I do hate the Palo Alto Apple store. The Apple people at the much smaller Stanford Shopping Center store are friendly and helpful, though. Ok, I'm not an Apple hater, just a disliker, all things considered.

    Here's hoping Apple will recognize your influencer capabilities. Hmm, maybe based on this post, I should consider revisiting the downtown Palo Alot Apple store...