Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh, well.

The world is but a tangent to my haircut.

Pedro the Lion, It's Hard to Find a Friend
Damien Jurado, Water Ave S
Vic Chesnutt, Drunk 
Badly Drawn Boy, It's What I'm Thinking Pt. 1: Photographing Snowflakes

I forget about ol' Pedro the Lion, mostly because they are so boring, but the good kind of indie rock boring, listless couch boring that is like peanut butter on the dense grainy bread of activity. The finest bread alone does not  a sandwich make. I heard a college radio show the other day where a precious, boring girl was playing song after song of precious, boring navel-gazer indie rock instead of the yippee-let's-dance-everybody boring music the station usually plays and it was so great and perfect. I wanted to send her and her roommates a pizza. This was my super huge favorite song in the world for a month in 2001.

"When They Really Get To Know You, They Will Run"

Ditto for Damien Jurado.

"Halo Friendly"

I started out wanting to post that I was taking a break from posting here because of general workload issues, but we see how that went. I wish I had a copy of Will Oldham's Joya handy to play right now. That is a gorgeously boring record. But hey! Badly Drawn Boy has a new record! He's totally boring and tedious with his perfect, fussy songcraft! It's part one of a trilogy! Right on!

Vic Chesnutt was, however, never boring. Upon his demise, I told a friend that moved in circles with him in Athens. She said, "Man, I went to see Night of the Iguana with Vic Chesnutt!" and started laughing. I too move in the right circles. I wish I'd been smart and brought a video camera when Vic played 10 songs to all 10 of us that showed up at the Spanish Moon two Halloween's ago, when he did a song he said Jeff Mangum ran over to his house and said "I wrote this but you gotta do it" and he did and it was both of them and something more. Oh, well. Here's DBT's Patterson Hood doing my favorite song off Drunk.

"When I Ran Off and Left Her"

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  1. That VC/JM cowrite is "Glossolalia" off of North Star Deserter. Unless there's another.