Wednesday, October 6, 2010

good reasons exist

I cannot comment on Camofloug's music for I haven't heard it, but I like the look of his poster.

Johann Johannsson, Fordlania
Rebecca Hurst and the Nederlands Radio Symphony Orchestra, Berg: Violin Concerto / Lyric Suite / Three Orchestral Pieces
Donald Barthelme, Sixty Stories 
Emerson String Quartet, Webern: Works for String Quartet; String Trio (op. 20) 
Jiří Barta,  Messiaen / Dvorak / Rachmaninov / Strauss / Webern / Kopelent: Reflections

Media Announcement: Charlie Musselwhite, Robert Randolph, Hill Country Revue, and Guy Clark all play Baton Rouge next week, as detailed in this week's edition of The Record Crate for 225.

I checked out Sixty Stories at lunch mostly because it was a reason to walk to the library and up all those steps, and I dug the numbered points comprising "The Glass Mountain" a lot, particularly
44. To climb the glass mountain, one first requires a good reason.
45. No one has ever climbed the mountain on behalf of science, or in search of celebrity, or because the mountain was a challenge
46. Those are not good reasons.
47. But good reasons exist.

As I was fumbling with my phone/camera to shoot Camofloug's poster, I noticed the shadow of my head projected over his face, and it seems like I do that a lot in my line of work. Without trying to be too corny about it, would a glass mountain cast a shadow?

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  1. I have noticed these posters as well. I am not sure I get their advertising perspective. However, I think it is high times that "Stairs" get their due in song-smithery. But, if you really want to impress me, rap artists of the world, then I want a new single called "Cupboard." Yeah, that's what I thought.