Wednesday, October 20, 2010

rare political outburst

Pre-fab geodesic home salesman model, from here via my lovely and e-resourceful wife. I wonder if the real thing came in a giant case as well.

I wish the conservatives of the world would focus on what is really destroying the world (the need to turn the world into money) and leave the homosexuals out of their crosshairs. I wish they were truly focused on personal freedom like they say instead of just clearing the way for the rich. I wish everyone wasn't so vehemently stupid and gullible about religion. I wish people were more interested in building a better system in which we can thrive. I wish the Libertarians would convince me that they are not fiscal elitists and racists. I wish the Democrats had a spine and a dream. I wish the world didn't look to us as a model for societal behavior and instead looked toward a yet unreached possibility that will let us all be the horrible monsters we are called to be while allowing others to be their own separate monster. I wish I could not listen to the radio around election time because it brings out the absolute worst in people and then radiates that striving-for-the-worst out to everyone involved including me. I wish I didn't hate a bunch of idiots in politics, idiotic and hate-able as they may be, because I feel that I am co-opting their hate and reflecting it uselessly back at them. I wish the world did not make me feel like a hate mirror sometimes.

OK, I feel better with this rare political outburst having passed. I'm wearing a purple shirt in solidarity with Spirit Day. I also happen to have a rotation of three work shirts that are green, light purple and dark purple, so the odds are I am in flagrant solidarity 2/3 of the time, but on those green days, trust that I love y'all's gay asses as well. Now all that has been said, can I get back to to talking about records and lunch and eavesdropping on students' phone calls, please?

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