Friday, October 22, 2010

hot chrysalis action

Check out this hot chrysalis action!

Wire, Pink Flag
Art Brut, Bang Bang Rock & Roll

I took the day off to work on other things, which says a lot about the gerbil-meet-wheel mechanics of my self-image, but it's fall break and the campus library is relatively mine. I even considered sneaking up into my office to work in secret but that would be the saddest secret possible.

For a minute, I lamented the quality of this phone cam in that the details of the metamorphosis happening on this day of miracles and wonder were obscured, but then metamorphosis is always a little obscured. If change was observable in real time even FoxNews would have to acquiesce to the factiness of evolution and science. As my ever astute wife said this morning: you don't believe science. You believe things that are mythologies or conjectures or most importantly, you believe the things you tell yourself in order to turn the world and align the channels of thought into the roads you desire. So I'm OK with this camera and its blurry take on the facts. It knows what it knows to its capacity to know it. At least its not trying to tell me otherwise just because it can't make a precise picture for me.

I'm so disappointed in Juan Williams, not because his political views are different from mine or even from how he started, or that he embraces stupid ignorances about Muslims or whoever and that he uses his station to express them; I know a lot of people who do that and think they are idiots in that regard but can accept them anyway; and I get that they think I am similarly politically an idiot when I say things like I wish Obama was more of a socialist and they accept me in cautious degrees. The part that disappoints me is how game-play-ey it all is. Juan Williams knew exactly what he was doing, and so did Fox and it was just gross. You can't just move toward the direction your heart calls of you anymore, your have to burn down your house and join the throngs that cheer the flames. Plus, I kinda liked Juan Williams. He seemed jaunty on Talk of the Nation and that jauntiness will be lost to the air. To me, his chrysalis is filled with shit and his new wings will be accordingly stained.

I'm bummed that this is what I want to talk about.

Early Wire is so good. Whittling sexy rock music down to the flintiness of fact, leaving just enough gristle on the bone to give us the part on which we all wanna gnaw.

Open your eyes,
think of a number,
don't get swept under
a number's a number

"Three Girl Rhumba"

I get that I mix up I and you and us a lot here, and that I do in general. I was thinking about how Art Brut refers to themselves as "Art Brut" on stage: "Ready, Art Brut?" and how I find it weirdly exciting.

"DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes"

It is not lost on me that I took the day off to do what I generally do anyway, and I accept that my self-image might just be a shadow that my real self casts when put into the light. I'm just glad when it comes out cool.

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