Monday, October 19, 2009

the killing of Suzies

Edwin Starr & Blinky - Just We Two (listen) - I was groovin' on some Edwin Starr this morning. You know Edwin Starr because of "War" and maybe because of "Agent Double-O Soul" and "Twenty-Five Miles" even though you might be me like me and think it was called "Walkin'" and was by somebody else. But, anyway, this lush couples record of no-I'm-the-lucky-one ballads popped up. Man, Edwin and Blinky Williams made each other so very happy, it verges on self-immolation. I love the way he says "Blinky."

Mississippi John Hurt - Avalon Blues (listen) Remind me to put this on my favorite records ever list so that I can lay it out when asked. This record is so good that it convinced me to get over my Grateful Dead aversions to listen to Jerry Garcia's Pizza Tapes, where he and Rice and that Dawg guy do some of these songs, and I love that record too. But this one, I just kinda love how sweet he sounds singing about "one morning gonna wake up woozy/gonna grab my gun and kill old Suzy." Cuz, I mean, you should at least be sweet about it.

I in no way advocate nor do I condone the killing of Suzies with this endorsement, no matter how she done you wrong. Love is the ultimate power, after all, so use it wisely.

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