Wednesday, October 21, 2009

which is what Owen Temple does

Owen Temple - Dollars and Dimes (listen) Hey, look! a great country record! Waddayaknow? Every raspy ode sounds like the song that comes after the big barnbuster hit, sequenced to set you straight after the boot-scootin' glory, except that there are no glory moments to be found in the semi-industrial parts of Memphis and St. Louis and Winnepeg and everywhere, where guys have manufacturing jobs in metal buildings next to strip clubs where women have lousier jobs. No glory and no self-pity and that album cover is the best album cover of the year. Consistent as the workweek, a continuum that will bum you the hell out if you think about it too much, which is why people don't think about it too much, and getting over the hump of that continuum is life-affirming when somebody does actually think about it without over-thinking it. Which is what Owen Temple does.

The ever-insightful Jeff Giddens has a couple of illuminating bullet points on this record up at the No Depression blog/forum/site (whatever that is.)

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