Monday, October 12, 2009

justify myself anyway

Jimmy Clanton - Jimmy's Happy, Jimmy's Blue - The Baton Rouge teen heartthrob of swamp pop. He had big hits with "Just a Dream" and "Venus in Blue Jeans" and starred in the films Teenage Millionaire and Go Johnny Go.

Buddy Flett - Mississippi Sea (listen) Near acoustic north Louisiana blues from this member of the Bluebirds.

The Byrds - Ballad of Easy Rider (listen) I could try to work a loose Louisiana connection through the film but the sky got dark with fat rain clouds and I've been meaning to pull this crepuscular record out for a while now and there was a meta-discussion on a music board about who the American Beatles are, if there is one. It took a while for someone to mention the Byrds. In terms of impact, the Byrds were no Beatles but I think they were kind of designed with that purpose in mind. And I don't have to justify myself anyway.

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