Monday, October 5, 2009

street hassle

Lou Reed - Street Hassle (listen) I love waiting for mumbly-ass Bruce Springsteen to show up late in the arty filigree of the title epic. I love how he puts the magnifying glass on his own hipster bullshit in "I Wanna Be Black." Or maybe he really does wanna be like Malcolm X and cast a hex over President Kennedy's tomb. And have a big prick, too. Lou Reed has never exactly shied away from projecting himself as a terrible person while he sings about horrible people. The beauty of "I Wanna Be Black" is that it flips his usual harsh lens onto the straights that like to go slumming in his drug tales. I like how the whole record (my conjecture) is a street-wise adaption of the kaleidoscopic vocals and melodies of Phillip Glass' Einstein at the Beach, a masterwork of downtown culture that played to the normals at the Met in 1976 and in many ways, raised the stakes of the art scene.

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