Tuesday, October 6, 2009

draw a line between monkeys and goats

Boozoo Chavis & the Magic Sounds - Who Stole My Monkey? (listen) I find the repeated presence of monkeys in zydeco imagery very pleasing. The more accordion music about monkeys, the better. Perhaps one could read this as an extrapolation of the French cliché of the street accordion player accompanied by a little monkey who scampers around collecting coins in a hat. But then the cliché is an organ grinder, not an accordionist, though it is still not a much of a stretch to view the zydeco accordion as an organ firmly dedicated to the grind.

The Jesus Lizard - Goat - I've about ground all the zydeco out of me today, though lately my tolerance of it has become a desire for it, and just when I'm looking for something to jolt me out of the chank-a-chank hole, along comes the reissues of the Jesus Lizard albums. If the Jesus Lizard is about anything, it is a jolt.

Also if one is looking to draw a line between monkeys and goats, or perhaps to draw a monkey on a goat across a line, I offer this fantastic video. All it is missing is some jaunty accordion music.

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