Monday, October 19, 2009

snake in my driveway

snake in my driveway, originally uploaded by real_voodooboy.

I had a wonderful weekend with a lot of great people at the Louisiana Book Festival this weekend, ate some great food, made the acquaintance of more of the lovely Oxford American posse, especially my sister in bloggery Jamey Hatley and your next favorite new short fiction badass Barb Johnson, charmed some esteemed authors, editors, and publishers by not actually knowing where the Huey Long bullet holes* are in the State Capitol, then more fun with my wonderful and patient family afterward and yet I took only one picture, this one, of a snake in my driveway. Not that any of you are less deserving of portraiture, but, dude, a snake in my driveway!**

* I was just this morning told on relatively reliable second hand authority that much of the bullet-riddled marble from the main floor back hallway where Long and soon after, his alleged assassin Dr. Carl Weiss were gunned down, were recycled and used in the basement, at least the chunks that weren't shot up further and sold off to souvenir hunters.

** The charcoal line by the snake is part of where my daughter wrote "Love is the Ultimate Power" across the driveway with a briquette.


  1. Alex, Such a pleasure to get to meet you in the real world! Kiss your daughter for me because she perfectly summed up the theme of my book for me. I've only been trying to do that for oh, 8 years now. Love is the Ultimate Power. Rock on, Babygirl!

  2. snake in my driveway

    Thanks for sharing