Friday, October 9, 2009

But what have you been eating?

I know the question on all of your minds is "But what have you been eating?" Wonder no longer.

Clockwise from top left: BBQ brisket with mac & cheese from the LSU Faculty Club, a poorly hidden oasis in a vast wasteland of bad dining options on and around campus; cheeseburger dressed add jalapeños from Dearman's, purveyor of what I think is the best hamburger in the city; full roasted pig at Hong Kong Market, Sherwood Forest and Florida - I did not actually eat this, but have been dreaming of the smell ever since. I am thinking a platter of this should become part of the Thanksgiving ritual; and, just today, Union Plate from the Tiger Lair - chicken fried steak with a lemon caper sauce (a little salty but still rather ambitious for a student cafeteria trough), mustard greens and tomatoes 'n' okra.

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