Friday, October 23, 2009

convertible ride to awesome beach

Neil Young - Life (listen) Somebody recently was trying to sell me on the inherent greatness of Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms and well, I have to put this fracture in taste down to micro-generational differences. I tried, but it still sounded a little like a disappointing happy ending for the Sultans of Swing, so I hit up the similar records for a quick way out and this forgotten Neil Young record appeared. He has so many of these, records that are neither high or low points but distillations of the times, those being 1987 in this case. Why did all the drums in 1987 sound like this? Dis we think it was a good idea? Did it sound particularly good on a Walkman for every beat to go "PISH!!" ? I do like how he gets his R.E.M ramble-jangle on in "Cryin' Eyes," letting Crazy Horse get a little crazy in the spots between boxcars.

Felt - Forever Breathes the Lonely Word (listen) Now, should you be interested in a fantastic record from the late-eighties that has almost no Neil Young to it (but does have a touch of Dire Straits) that you have never heard, it is any by Felt. I could go on and on about Felt, in fact maybe I'll seek out a platform in which I am allowed to go on about Felt definitive enough so that I am no longer compelled to do so. But yeah, Felt is a late-eighties indie rock done spec perfect.

The Tyde - Three's Co. (listen) And should you be wanting the ideal muddling of Felt's mopey hopefulness and a ray of druggy sunshine from the extinct California against which Neil Young's best material (Zuma, On the Beach ... I think its his best) bristled that neither of us has heard of before, the ingeniously-named the Tyde is your convertible ride to Awesome Beach.

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