Tuesday, January 27, 2009

wood and strings

Punch Brothers - Punch (lala) - Baton Rouge and area people: Punch Brothers, the new band of former Nickel Creek mandolin prodigy Chris Thile is doing two nights at the Manship Theatre at the Shaw Center this week, which is designed specifically for the enjoyment of expertly crafted acoustic music.
Marc Olson & Gary Louris - Ready for the Flood (lala) I was flipping through the "country" section of lala and this sprang forth. The meeting of the two principles of the Jayhawks is tantamount to the Beatles (or at least Uncle Tupelo) getting back together with some in my circle. This album presents all the pleasures and difficulties I had with the Jayhawks - songs sublimely wrought with slight but palpable eccentricity that beccome diffused as they go along, stretching just past the time I think they should wind down. This has a marked Jerry Garcia/ Dave Grishman feel to it, without the endless formless. Still though, it is gorgeous stuff. It's like complaining that you have too much homemade ice cream in your bowl.
Jerry Garcia/David Grishman (lala) - Just to establish a baseline for the above comparison, but though I am no big GD fan, I do have some fondness for Mr. Garcia's acoustic outings. I'll even risk saying I kind love The Pizza Tapes. And American Beauty for that matter. But it stops there, OK?

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